Unleashing AI on community marketing: AI CoPilot & self-serve onboarding

November 17, 2023

Today is a transformational day for Sesame Labs. Over the past several months, we’ve seen serious demand for Community Hub beyond the web3 landscape - from big lifestyle brands to enterprise communities looking to supercharge their community activity. To better serve all our potential customers, we are excited to take the wraps off two major Community Hub milestones.

First up, our AI CoPilot for Community Hub. This artificial intelligence engine enables Community Hub to learn from your social media, websites, and community messages to create engaging community activities, or "quests," in your unique brand voice.

Secondly, we’re rolling out our brand new self-service onboarding capability. No more requesting a demo account. We've listened to your feedback and decided it was time for a change. Community Hub is now available as a self-service tool!

All of this is free to use.

A new dawn

We're proud to open up Community Hub to all marketers tasked with managing a community. Our new features turn our web3 community growth tool into a a comprehensive community management platform for brands and communities everywhere.

Oh, and did we mention it’s now free to use? Read on to learn more.

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AI CoPilot: Your Community's AI Assistant

A screenshot of the AI CoPilot creating quests
Community Hub's AI CoPilot makes quest creation a breeze

We can’t wait for all you community managers out there to meet AI CoPilot.

Here’s a quick primer on how our AI assistant streamlines your workflow:

  • Custom generative AI model built atop OpenAI’s latest and greatest
  • Learns your brand voice via social media, Discord messages, websites, and docs
  • Creates quests based on your latest content or messages
  • Can import and remember large documents and web content
  • No copy/paste required - Copy, links, and graphics are all included
  • And creates AI-generated art for your quests!

AI CoPilot is designed to drive the community activity that keeps your turns your members into champions. We're all about creating fun quests and rewarding members while saving community managers time and hassle.

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Self-Serve Onboarding

A screenshot of Community Hub's self-serve onboarding flow
Onboarding into Community Hub take mere minutes

We're also launching our new self-serve onboarding flow. Now, anyone can sign-up for an account, create their Community Hub, and begin streamlining their community management in minutes. Our aim is to make the tools for efficient community management accessible to all, and what's more accessible than free?

That's right, Community Hub is now free to use for everyone!

To start using Community Hub, simply click “Sign up”, connect your various community links (like Twitter, Discord, blog page, etc.), and within minutes you’ll be automating your community management alongside AI CoPilot. Streamline your workflow, increase your productivity, and make your life as a community manager easier.

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Community Hub is your AI-powered one-stop solution to supercharge your community, save time by automating community management, and boost activity on social media. Whether you're a community manager, a Discord moderator, or a solo marketer, Community Hub is designed to make your life easier and your members more engaged.

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