Sesame Labs Product Update | April 2023

November 13, 2023

GM 👋,

The team from Sesame Labs is excited to share some web3 community-building updates!

Building your web3 community is better with referrals

How many times have you been excited to onboard new users, only to find out they're low-quality spammers who are only interested in farming your potential rewards?

By the third time a new user asks "wen airdrop," you're no longer in the mood to answer community questions on Discord.

We understand this frustration, so we built a web3-native referral product for marketers to filter out bots and fake users while attracting high-quality users. You can also reward the best users with the highest number of referrals in your community to create high engagement.

Interested in trying our Referral Quests? Request access here

Key features

Easily onboard web2 users with Web3auth

No wallet? No problem. Our integration with Web3auth allows for seamless onboarding of all users to join your community using email, Google, Facebook, and other familiar logins to sign up.

Live leaderboards for campaign monitoring

To keep your users engaged and motivated, we have embedded a live leaderboard into the referral system. This way, your users can easily track their referrals and see where they stand in the competition.

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Success story

Decentral Games (DG) recently conducted a successful referral campaign that incentivized users with free tournament entries. For every friend a user referred, they received three Shine (tournament entries). The campaign also included a competition to see who could refer the most friends, with the top two referrers winning AirPod Pros and a DG Hoodie.

Using Sesame's new referral quests, DG attracted 368 new player sign-ups and distributed a total of 5,256 Shine.

A 54.55% decrease in avg. cost-per-click vs. Facebook Gaming ads*

Notably, DG's marketing campaign using Sesame's referral quests resulted in a 54.55% decrease in average cost-per-click compared to running gaming ads on Facebook in the US. Additionally, using Sesame quests eliminated the risk of campaign halts that are common when running Web3 ads on traditional platforms, providing added peace of mind.

*$2.2 was the average cost per click for gaming ads run on Facebook in the US (source:

Product updates

Referrals campaigns built for DeFi

Dedicated spam filters to protect against wallet farming by verifying on-chain activity:

  • Sybil wallet detection
  • Deposit date verification
  • Transaction count
  • Transaction volume
  • Unique transaction months
  • And more

Campaigns are Anon friendly while giving your users the power to track their referral and rewards progress.

Interested in trying our Referral Quests for DeFi? Request access here

Targeted airdrop to acquire high-quality web3 users

Airdrop your NFT project directly to top Bored Ape Yacht Club holders or your favorite NFT influencer.

Sesame empowers you to engage directly with:

  • Whales
  • Degens
  • NFT connoisseurs
  • Crypto influencers
  • Blue-chip NFT projects
  • And more

Our early test saw a 40x improvement in click-through rate with a targeted airdrop compared to a first-come, first-served free mint. Targeted wallets immediately viewed our test landing page upon receiving the airdrop.

Interested in trying our Targeted Airdrop Campaigns? Request access here

New leveling-up system to engage with power users

Our unique leveling-up system rewards and attracts high-quality users while eliminating reward-farming bots. Sesame's white-labeled marketing platform exclusively rewards your on-chain community contributors, unlike other questing platforms that attract spammy reward farmers.

Your users will engage with new daily or weekly quest milestones that you set to earn XP, level up, and trade in credits for exclusive rewards, such as Discord roles, whitelist spots, NFTs, community merch, and more.

New daily/weekly quest milestones currently deployed:

On-chain actions

  • Buy and hold token/NFT
  • Minimum transaction volume
  • Number of transactions
  • Amount deposited to LP
  • and more

Off-chain actions

  • Visit link
  • Follow on Twitter
  • Tweet/RT/Like
  • Comment in Discord channel
  • Quizzes
  • And more

Our platform includes a dedicated Campaign Progress Bot that integrates with your Discord Channel and will automatically publish quest announcements, guides, quest completion reminders, leaderboard rankings, and quest winners. No manual updates are required!

Interested in trying our Reward System? Request access here

Build your NFT drop allowlist with a competitive quest

10x more engagement, 3x more sales: it's the winning formula for NFT drops. Let your community compete for limited spots in your free-mint and attract new, authentic NFT owners with built-in spam protection.

Key features:

  • Built-in referral mechanism for increased reach
  • On-chain and off-chain task verification
  • Live leaderboard for campaign monitoring
  • Gamified points system to promote competition

Interested in trying our platform? Request access here

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Thanks for reading,

Team @ Sesame Labs

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