Referral Quests: Empowering Web3 Games to Attract Web2 Gamers

October 18, 2023

Web3 decentralized applications (dApps) have struggled to acquire high-quality users during the crypto winter. This is partly because paid media and ads have not been very effective for crypto companies, making it challenging to reach high-value web3 users directly. However, one effective solution is to leverage a loyal community to evangelize and perform marketing on behalf of dApp.

Decentral Games is one of the best web3 games based in the metaverse that is trying to attract more web2 users by leveraging its community. This tactic is called referral marketing or web3 community-led marketing. Referral marketing is a powerful tool to incentivize existing users to bring new users to the platform. This way, dApp can attract high-quality users without spending a fortune on paid media and ads.

However, the big challenge with referral marketing is the high risk of spammy users entering the platform. Rewards can easily be exploited; there is no way to weed out the bad actors. These challenges are what Sesame Labs is solving with its Referral Quest feature.

If you are an existing Decentral Games user, try it here. Want to try this feature for your community? Request access here.

Sesame Labs' Referral Quest feature is optimized to ensure existing community members can work as marketers and be rewarded. This feature has built-in spam protection using the wallet and social activity to prevent bad actors from exploiting the rewards system. Claimers can be web2 users, and the flow is straightforward for them to complete and be rewarded. This way, dApp can attract high-quality web2 users to their platform, which can be a game-changer in the highly competitive crypto market.

Referrer flow
Referrer flow
Claimer flow
Claimer flow
Successful claimer reward
Successful claimer reward

In conclusion, referral marketing is an effective way for web3 dApps to attract high-quality users to their platform. However, the high risk of spammy users entering the forum can be a significant challenge. Sesame Labs' referral quest feature provides an innovative solution to this problem, enabling dApps to leverage their loyal community to grow their user base. We are excited to continue exploring more exciting ideas in this direction in the upcoming weeks.

If you want to try this product for your dApp, you can request access here.

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